Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It must be the mid-90's... or, like, something.

I've been obsessed lately... weeelllll, more like since 1994, with watching My So-Called Life. It's been my favorite show since I was eleven. It's the series that made me realize that if being an actor meant that I could be on a show like that, then that's what I wanted to do with my life. It's when I fell in love with Jordan Catalano and I wanted to be just like Angela Chase and could relate to her on, like, SO many levels. It's also when "like" became a major word in my vocabulary and as much as I've tried to let it go over the years, I just can't. Even now when I watch episodes I can totally relate to Angela and her relationships with certain people. It amazes me how this show still resonates with me and my life... fifteen years later.

This scene is definitely one of my favorites of the whole series and this song just never leaves my mind.

At around the same time I became obsessed with Daria as well. At that age I pretty much was Daria. Sarcastic, unenthusiastic, bored, annoyed with others and too aware for her own good. I'm still kind of like that, but my glass is half full now as opposed to it being half empty, as it certainly was back then. My sister even called me Daria, like, on a regular basis. When I heard earlier this year that Daria was going to be released on DVD, I kind of flipped out and as soon as I found and purchased it I watched the whole series in two weeks. 

This is just SO typical of me and my sister

It's been fun going back and reliving all these, sort of precious, moments.
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