Monday, January 31, 2011


Today I am 27.

How will I be celebrating, you ask?

By going to Disneyland and feasting at In N Out for the last time indefinitely.

Tomorrow I go Pescetarian, semi-vegan and I all I want for my birthday is to act like I'm not 27 at Disneyland and have an animal style cheeseburger and animal style fries.

I have so much to say, but so little time so I'll have to update you all on all the recent happenings sometime tomorrow.

I'll leave you all with a couple of photos of the amazing Babycakes birthday cake David got me yesterday!

P.S. Every year I listen to "Happy Birthday" by Altered Images and this year is no exception. On repeat!


aPearantly sew said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day...and enjoy that cheeseburger :)

Cecie said...

I totally understand! I used to have the worst immune system. Then, in January of 2006, I decided something needed to change. So, I decided to go "Maker's Diet." My immune system symptoms pointed in the direction on eating Kosher. I would think, "I'm having my last pork chop." or "my last breakfast with bacon." But, I have to say...I don't miss those things as much as I thought I would. Every once in a while I do, but then I remember how wonderful it is not to get sick as often as I used to.

I'm rootin' for ya!!!

Kacie said...

happy birthday my sweet sweet friend!
live it up and enjoy your day!!!! love you!

Diana Smith said...

YAYA happy Birthday!! You deserve it, I would love to spend my birthday the way you are!

Kasey Lynne said...

awww how fun!!! hope you have a wonderful birthday day...i mean disneyland?!! how can you NOT :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Happy Birthday!! Great time of year, you, me, Oprah!! Another year older & wiser?? I loved 27, i had 3 little girls & a small busienss, the world was mine. Enjoy, love Posie

Vintage Noli said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
god bless you...


he calls me wifey said...

Alison: Thanks so much! (and the cheeseburger was fabulous)

Cecie: Thanks! I understand what you mean. I know that I won't miss the things I'm excluding from my diet as much as I will in the beginning.

Kacie: Love you!!

Diana: Thanks love!

Kasey: haha, I know, I know. I'm a lucky lady!

Posie: Thank you! I've been told that 27 is a great year by many so I'm hoping you all are right!

Noli: <3