Saturday, October 15, 2011

Drive, D.I.Y. & Girls' Night

The dear, sweet Rachel of No. 17 was kind enough to invite Kacie and myself for a girls' night last night. We met up at the Fish Company in Los Alamitos for second dinner/coffee/dessert. We were so happy to meet a few new friends (Liz, Mary, Andrea & Alissa) and spend some quality time with these lovely ladies. Unfortunately I didn't snap any photos, but I'm so glad that we had that chance to chat and get to know one another. I'm definitely looking forward to another girls' night soon. And next time I'll order second dinner or dessert instead of sharing a non-meal with Kacie, haha.

Today David and I slept in a little, cuddled, talked, worked out, watched a marathon of Friday Night Lights (it's our new obsession. only Dave would convince me to watch a show about football, BUT it's not all about football, I love it!) ate dinner and just spent the day generally lazing around. I experimented on my nails a bit. I was inspired by some Pinterest photos I've seen of all the wonderous things you can do with nail polish these days. My experimentation wasn't anything crazy or ground breaking, just a little fun.

And since I don't do much with nail polish, of course I ended up choosing the most neutral color in my collection of nail colors. This nail art definitely calls for a bright, loud color. Next time I'm definitely going for the red or the bright mint (that's about the extent of the crazy nail colors in my collection).

{they're not perfect, but it was my first time. 
plus i was impatient to let the polish dry before taking the tape off}

All you need is clear top coat, nail color of choice, tape (next time I'm using painter's tape), and scissors.

1. Cut small strips of tape and lay them diagonally on your nail, making sure to cut the sides if necessary and really pressing the tape to your nail to ensure that the polish won't bleed.

2. Carefully paint the exposed nail with two coats.

3. Wait for the nail polish to dry before peeling tape off, then apply a clear top coat.

and voila! homemade nail art.
I'm sure you could do this with two colors by applying a lighter color to the whole nail and letting dry completely (probably overnight) before attempting the first step with a darker color polish. 

What are your favorite nail polish colors?

p.s. I can't get the movie Drive or the soundtrack out of my head. the soundtrack TOTALLY reminds me of my college days watching Party Monster, going to 82 and sipping Andre.
who else is obsessing over these songs?!?

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