Friday, October 7, 2011

films friday


If you haven't seen Clueless, then...ugh, I don't even know what to say. It's a 90's classic.

I blame this film for my gross overuse of the word "like". I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I actually grew up in Southern California, but there is no doubt in my mind that as a 12 year old loving this film, "like" became a staple of my vocabulary and though it has gotten a lot better over the years, and no matter how hard I've tried to cease and desist, it's still there. Even David says "like" a lot. We don't even notice it.

What I find so hilarious about this film watching it now as opposed to 16 years ago (woah, SIXTEEN years???) is how much of it doesn't even seem as funny anymore because the absurdism of these teenagers' lives is actually the present day norm. For example, Cher and Dionne are talking to each other on cell phones in the halls of their high school when they end up in the same frame on screen, then they hang up. In 1995 that was totally not normal. Today? Totally normal. I mean, in 1995 cell phones were still sort of new. By "new" I mean that not every single person in America had one.

This film isn't an award winner, it's not a film that really made you contemplate life, although I do think there are some pretty interesting social commentaries beneath the surface. It's just a funny movie you watch over and over again because it's a classic and every girl watching this movie in jr. high and high school wanted to be Cher.

What is your favorite scene and/or quote from Clueless?

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