Tuesday, October 11, 2011

tunes tuesday - the national

The National

There are few bands out there who can make albums so wonderful and so near perfect that you don't even notice the songs ending and beginning. It's as if the album is a great fashion show. Every piece that walks down that runway is it's own masterpiece, but the collection is so cohesive you can't decide which one you like the best; you just want the entire collection in your closet. Each song sinks inside you and settles there and you can't get enough. Though this album is simple, it's effortless. You don't even notice all the intricate, amazing work that went into it unless you close your eyes and really pay attention. It's almost like a score in that you don't notice it moving you until you're so moved it shocks you.

This album reminds me of Paris. This album reminds me of David. This album reminds me that there are still incredible, inspired, talented artists out there who make music today and that I shouldn't lose my faith in music. 

The National is just so good.

They have other really fantastic albums, but this one is my favorite.
Slow Show is my favorite song on this album.

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