Monday, February 27, 2012

truth fire


I threw out my back yesterday. Ugh.
On Saturday night, David and I went to the most awesome 90's themed birthday party (more on that later) and since we didn't get home until really late we decided to sleep in and play hooky from church. Dave went to a baseball game and I went grocery shopping... but not before I bent over and threw out my back. Yes people, for me that's all it takes.

This seems to always happen when I'm starting out a new workout regiment. I started a 90 day workout on Wednesday... four days in I get an injury, of course. This happened almost a year ago and after a few adjustments I was back to normal, so I'm hoping that's all I need this time around, especially since the pain isn't as bad now as it was then. I can't go back to the same chiropractor because, honestly, it's just too far and I kinda just stopped going when my pain went away, so I found one online that's close to me and I'm hoping he can do for me what the last chiropractor did. Obviously if I went to the chiropractor on a regular basis I would be able to avoid this kind of injury, but since my insurance doesn't cover it, I have to wait until I get an injury and just go in for a few adjustments until I feel back to normal.

I couldn't get an appointment until tomorrow morning, so I need to just wait it out with my ice packs and a good book or good TV and go to my dentist appointment today (that's going to be really uncomfortable).

Okay, now on to the good stuff: Bud's 30th birthday party, 90's themed... it was like I was in a time warp. Every single person brought their a-game. It was amazing. It made me really wish that I hadn't have given up my floral Doc Marten's a few years back. I should have held onto those babies. Rachel and I even experienced our first truth fire... sort of. And we left with amazing party favors: suckers and tons of 90's mixed cds. I wish we took more photos!!

Kris, Rachel & I
My inspiration? Angela Chase, Courtney Love & Drew Barrymore (duh).
 I love you Jordan Catalano
 Even Frank went grunge.
 Reapplying with Rachel.
Who doesn't love a bathroom shot? 

If you went to a 90's themed party, who would your inspiration be?


Caitlin said...

Isn't it weird that the 90s are far enough away that we can have theme parties about them? Makes me feel old.

Sorry to hear about your back :-/ Hope you feel better soon!

Yellow Finch Designs said...

angela chase! i love it.

sorry to hear about the back. i just went to the chiropractor for the first time...i was so nervous. don't know why. but it worked and i felt better. but i'm in the same boat as you. insurance doesn't cover it and my neck is back to it's old tricks.

hope you feel better!

Rachel DeSimone said...

I just laughed so hard at the screencap of my text. Such a fun party.

he calls me wifey said...

Caitlin: right?? i can't believe that anyone born in 1990 is now 22 years old. can't believe it!!

Elizabeth: thank you! yeah, chiropractors are amazing. I really wish that all insurance covered them. it's such a shame!

Rach: sooooo good. i'm bummed we weren't in the middle of the truth fire.