Tuesday, April 24, 2012

tunes tuesday.

this man. oh, boy, this man. one look at him and you're instantly drawn. 
one listen and you're hooked.

i'm a married woman so i must brace myself, but to me Ray is the image and sound of what a real man should be. 
perfection. pure perfection.

single ladies: his voice will make your knees grow weak.
don't say i didn't warn you.


Anonymous said...

Ummmmm, that is my bearded boyfriend!
I love him so!

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

Ok. I looooove Ray. Me and my hubs have a running joke. Whenever he comes on the radio hubs always says
"your man's on". One of my goals is to see him live.:)

Bon @ A Golden Afternoon said...

He always makes me smile. He is on a lot during the summer around my house...probably because we are more relaxed and are just enjoying life. Love him.

hannah singer said...

amen. so excellent.