Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a new home.

these past couple of weeks have been kinda crazy.
we sold our condo and have to be all moved out in exactly three weeks. yikes.

we put in an offer for a house that we both absolutely adore... but we don't think we got it, so now we have to keep looking. all of the houses we love/like are back up offers, which means we most likely don't have a shot at them. our options are running real low real fast and we're kind of in a pickle.

i'm pretty bummed that we didn't get the house we wanted. i knew it was a bad idea, but while we were waiting to hear from the relator i started decorating the house in my head. i even drew up crude floor plans to get my ideas on paper. even as i was doing it i knew i was probably jinxing our chances at this home, but i couldn't help myself, we want wanted this house so bad. i also started researching affordable new furniture since i kinda hate what we currently have. pinterest has been my bff these days and i've been littering my Design Sponge and Domino books with mini post-its, i've started to draw up a decorating budget... it's becoming an obsession. i know what we like and what we want and i want to make it happen.

it's just frustrating to not know where we're going to put all of our boxes of possessions or where we're going to live in three weeks... but i'm trying to trust that it will work out. God's got it. i don't.

therefore i need to just let go and trust.

in the meantime, here are just a few (and i mean only a few) inspiration photos i've been pinning like a madwoman (i literally have 1,110 pins just for my decorating board... as of right now).

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