Monday, July 30, 2012

something better.

today is my first official day off in weeks. i spent most of it drinking coffee and watching movies on tv, something i haven't done in a loooong time, as well as just lounged around in my pajamas, blog surfed and enjoyed Kelly Ann's music monday post. we also visited with Dave's mom on her birthday, grabbed some dinner and rode our bikes around the neighborhood, catching the enormous sun setting just in time. we'll be finishing it off by watching the olympics (actually Dave will be watching the olympics and drinking a beer while i read a book and sip hot tea).

it's been lovely.

i've actually been thinking on something a lot lately. it's been percolating in my brain for the past few weeks and even though i don't want to go way in depth with it just yet i will say that i think it's time for me to begin to allow myself to loosen my grip on some things i've been holding very tightly on to for most of my life. i've had a love and a desire for something so strong, and yet never tried hard enough to get it (for many reasons). i'm finally starting to realize that if i want it bad enough i need to either go for it or let it go and find out if it's worth chasing again in the future.

there are a few things i can see in my horizon that are keeping me upbeat and giving me hope that loosening my grip will only take me to new and amazing things and places. only time, patience, and faith will tell, but i'm willing to be open to new clarity than stay stuck in a comfortable fog.

here's to better things on the horizon.

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Rachel Reeves said...

go get it, friend.

ginanorma said...

I love those times when the Lord is working in us and we are on the edge of something new or shifting in some way... loosening our grip usually is what does the trick in some way;) Glad to hear you had such a lovely day off!

ginanorma said...

Oh and I am excited to see what you may be up too down the road;)

Jenny Stokes said...

That photo is BEAUTIFUL. i love it.

he calls me wifey said...

XOXO to you all <3