Sunday, July 1, 2012

yes, i am still alive.

it occurred to me recently, when four separate friends asked me when i was gonna blog again, that i actually have people out there paying attention. so here i am, i'm back.

i literally just now said goodbye to David, waving him off to the airport for a two week business trip. i'm gonna miss that guy. usually when he goes away on business trips it takes me a day or two to start to really miss him because i'm the type of person who craves alone time and can entertain myself very easily (and, if i'm being honest, it's easy for me to push away those unwanted feelings)... but as soon as i shut the door that empty feeling hit me... he's going to be gone for two weeks and it's going to be hard. i can still smell him in my hair. 

saying goodbye

now, i've got a lot going on. today is one of four days in July i can consider a day off. other than those four days every single day this month has a schedule. i'm beginning rehearsals for my new play tomorrow. it's an original comedy written by one of my favorite college professors, Warren "Sir" Doody. "Sir" refers to a nickname i gave him in class one day. it was a you-had-to-be-there moment, so i won't go into details. i'm playing a woman named Bonnie who is the female lead and it's a hilarious play. we had our table read on Wednesday and i couldn't even get some of my lines out straight because i was laughing so hard. i am thrilled to be in a comedy for the first time in years. the play is called and opens on July 27th. if you're interested in hearing more, please let me know and i will send you ticket info.

i'm also going to San Francisco next weekend for Stella & Dot's annual convention (i'm an independent stylist with S&D) and i'm really looking forward to that.

this is nuts.

but i am going to do what i can to blog. i'm even going to attempt a few "what i wore" posts. and i'll be making some more mixes in the near future that i'm already excited about.
even with my busy schedule i think not having husband around will free me up to focus extra energy here, but...

i miss him already.
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