Tuesday, August 14, 2012

sigur rós (tunes tuesday).

on sunday night i had the incredible luck to see Sigur Rós play live at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life as well as sincerely being the best show i've ever seen. it was gorgeous, epic, breathtaking and awe inspiring. i met my friend Boramie and her friend Kylie out there. we sat on blankets and noshed on cheese, bread, fruit and prosciutto not far from Evan Rachel Wood, which was interesting. then while Boramie and i stood in the merch line we saw Dominic Monaghan walking to the port-a-potties. i was pretty tempted to start singing that annoying Driveshaft song to him, but he would have HATED that... plus i have some dignity.

but the celebrity sightings seriously paled in comparison to the experience of seeing one of my favorite bands live. quickly after the show started we all abandoned our spread of food on blankets and stood as close to the stage as possible. i was moved to tears on more than one occasion. we all were. then after a while i walked back to our blankets and just closed my eyes and listened. at one point i even laid down and looked at the stars while some of my favorite sounds in the world floated around me. it was magical. i'll never forget it.

the only thing that could have made it better would have been to have my Davey there, on his birthday. i felt bad for leaving him behind, but seriously when Sigur Rós comes to your city and you're fortunate enough to get a ticket, even if it's on your husband's birthday, you go... and David understood that. he had actually had tickets to see another band on his birthday, but when we moved he lost his tickets. so because i felt so bad that i went without him we are celebrating his birth all week long, so don't feel too bad for him, ha ha!

here is the tiniest of tastes of what it was like. i wish you all could have been there.

and here a some of the shots that i was able to capture that night.


Faith said...

Looks like an awesome concert!

Leah said...

o man, i am envious...this looks like it was an amazing experience! hopefully someday i will get to see them live. love your blog! :)