Wednesday, August 22, 2012

tunes tuesday (on wednesday... and a little bit more).

the man and i are going on a road trip tonight. we're driving out to arizona to go see a play written by "sir" doody (he's the genius who wrote the play i recently starred in) and this show also stars a few other friends of mine. i can't wait to see it. so since we're driving all that way, david and i are taking the opportunity to spend the weekend out there and explore a new city. i'm taking the camera!

and i can't forget to mention that last friday i had the pleasure of being a part of the very first craft cabinet put on by the sweet jules (of pancakes and french fries) and the lovely andrea (of four flights of fancy). it was held right down the street at an adorable little shop called salvage life (i'm going back there next chance i get). i had a great time trying to create my little stamps and chatting away with friends new and old. and the swag was INCREDIBLE. seriously, so good. i hope to join the fun next time around!

i saved this week's tunes tuesday for today because, well, it's a road trip mix and we're leaving today so i thought it'd be appropriate. i hope you enjoy it!

mountain sound // of monsters and men
you remind me of home // ben gibbard
old before your time // ray lamontagne & the pariah dogs
i'll fly away // alison krauss & gillian welch
dead sea // the lumineers
sailor song // first aid kit
young blood // birdy
the motivator // t.rex
gotta get away // the rolling stones
just like honey // headless heroes
ragged wood // fleet foxes
al's song // emma louise
is there a ghost // band of horses

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Jules said...

I love your style. I feel lucky to have met you the other night. Thanks for coming!

Luke said...

You HAVE to tell me how that is, I'm so bummed I can't make it out! It better come to LA after they're done in Arizona!!

he calls me wifey said...

Jules: you are too sweet! i feel the same about you. you are such a kind heart <3

Luke: it was pretty awesome. Ryan was stellar, DUH. and Sir Doody... he's genius. i hope they get to do it in LA, too because they were great. wish you coulda been there!