Sunday, December 16, 2012

i know...

it has been a while.
and a lot has been happening lately. a lot.

i wish i could share every single thing that's been going on, but i can't right now... so i'll have to share a bit at a time.

>> first off, i fell off my bicycle 3 weeks ago (today) and sprained my left wrist pretty badly. i'm still in a lot of pain. it makes typing very slow, but hey, i can't complain. at least i can use my right hand. i don't know what i'd do if it was my right wrist that i fell on. my whole arm hurts a lot, but it seems to be getting slightly better with each week, which is good news. i've been told that sprains are more painful than breaks and that they take a lot longer to heal (yay!) and i've got to say i think that's definitely true. i just have to be patient... and very careful.

>> i started a book club a few months ago and i am LOVING it. seriously, best idea ever. we've had three meetings so far and are on our third and fourth book. we are reading one book a month, but this month we are reading two books in six weeks. i honestly look forward to our book club meetings every month. they are so much fun, and open to all! i love getting lost in a great book, and being able to share that love and excitement with others is pretty fantastic.

>> work has been CRAZY (i'm back at Anthropologie). i mean, it's Christmastime. enough said. this last week i worked every day at 7am, and this coming week i will be working every day (except Wednesday) at 6am. but i enjoy it and i love the people i work with and, again, i can't complain.

>> i'm almost finished with our Christmas shopping, which is nice. although we're not buying for too many people because we're not buying for friends this year. the reason being is we don't have any money. i won't really say why we are so broke right now, but it's for a good reason. i will have to share that another time.

i'm looking forward to getting back to a normal schedule after the holidays are over and get this year started. i also have some thoughts on some possible changes for the blog in the coming year and i hope that i will be able to see them through.

thanks a bunch to those of you who have stuck with me even when it gets really quiet around here. you're pretty awesome. i hope to be bringing some regularity to this blog soon and figuring out how to make those changes.

in the meantime we will be trying our best to enjoy the holidays, appreciate each other as well as our family and friends... and drink a lot of coffee.
and i hope that your holiday season is just as you hope and that we all do our best to remember what is truly important in life. 

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