Friday, January 11, 2013

i'm ready.

this is going to be a big year. i can feel it. i'm not expecting anything, i'm not planning or scheming, but somehow i know this year is going to bring new things and create change. i don't know if it will be visible and tangible, or if it will manifest itself in my character and my spirit, or if it will be both, but i feel it. the thing about letting go of control, knowing how to identify fear and anxiety, ridding your heart of the cancer of bitterness... the thing about admitting powerlessness and leaving my past, present, and future up to a higher power (in my case, that higher power is God), is the calm and contentment it brings. it prepares me for the unknown because i'm better able to accept that anything could happen and everything will be okay. the anticipation of it buzzes around my subconscious in what i feel is a healthy way.

be it good or bad, i know i can handle it. i'm ready.

here's to the last year of my twenties, becoming more of an adult, and being ready for whatever may come our way.

*david and i attended my friend's really fun wedding last weekend photographed by martin franco vielma and we came away with this gem (i did my own editing).
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