Thursday, January 31, 2013

like any other day.

it's been pretty slow at work (anthropologie) this month, so i've had a lot more days off than usual, which has actually worked in my favor this week.

i've been able to (finally!) finish editing the second draft of my short story for the creative writing class i took in the fall.
i've fallen in love with a new author, John Green, and i have read nearly all of his books.
i've been able to make huge progress on a scarf that i started knitting for my niece before i sprained my wrist a few months ago.
i've also caught up on my independent film love affair thanks to netflix and redbox.
we've been able to have our best friend, Dominic, over for dinner several times and have had awesome discussions on books, as well as infected him with our Game of Thrones obsession. you're welcome, buddy.
i developed a raging sore throat yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night feeling like someone had spread a generous layer of wasabi over a piece of sandpaper and had grated it against the place where my tonsils would be, if i still had tonsils. that is, unfortunately, not even an exaggeration.
oh, and i turned 29 today. so there's that.

today will be like any other day this week.
i'll have some quiet time after i publish this.
i'll send some emails.
i'll run errands and pack for the weekend.
i'll read.
and i'll get gussied up for a birthday dinner with my love.

tomorrow we'll drive up to Lake Arrowhead for the weekend, just the two of us (and Bogart makes three). we'll ring in my last year as a twenty-something by sleeping in, taking walks in the woods, reading, watching films, and i'll do a little bit of writing. oh, and hopefully i'll get rid of this pesky sore throat/body aches.

basically we'll be doing this all weekend, which is pretty perfect.

i hope you all have a very lovely and relaxing weekend as well.
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