Tuesday, May 7, 2013


in lieu of a tunes tuesday post this week i have decided to share with you some of the big changes that have been going on with us lately.

first of all, in case i haven't officially discussed it here i will just say that David and i recently bought a house. since almost everything in the house was original the kitchen and bathroom needed a big update. it was also necessary that the exterior be re-stuccoed and the back yard be given some major tlc. since purchasing our home we decided to get the interior all taken care of before moving in. i mean, live-in renovations are insane. i should know since i've lived through one, which is why we decided to get in done in one go. i'm happy to report that it's almost finished and we will begin the moving process within the next couple of weeks. we still need to finish the exterior, but that can be taken care of while we're living there. 

as for the interior- we had both the kitchen and bathroom completely gutted and started from scratch. since i knew exactly what i wanted to do with those spaces, it wasn't too difficult to witness various stages of the process, including completely gutted out spaces. i knew that what i envisioned would be so much better than how it was before, so it has been a pretty exciting process, even though i haven't always been the most patient (i can't help it! i have exciting plans).

at this point we are pretty much in the home stretch (no pun intended). all that is left to do are the touch ups and appliance installations. i'm excited to share with all of you this process and the evolution of these rooms from start to finish, as well as my inspirations. i recently wrote for Moorea Seal on her blog about this process, which was very exciting. i'm so happy i was able to share on Moorea's blog first. and i'm just so thankful that we are even able to do this and that we will be able to move into our new home just the way we hoped and envisioned it would be. we are definitely blessed.

here are some of my most influential inspirations, taken from my obsession with Pinterest:

this is where we began:
and this is where we are now:
i am very much looking forward to doing some sort of series in the near future devoted to each room in our new home and the inspirations behind the renovations and decor. i hope you tune in!
thanks for letting me share.

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