Tuesday, February 25, 2014

orange-vanilla granola

yesterday i mentioned that i immediately tried a recipe from the cookbook Bountiful by Todd Porter + Diane Cu (the White On Rice Couple) and here it is. since i had never made granola from scratch before i was always hesitant for some reason, but this incredibly easy recipe seemed so straightforward and simple, and didn't include any obscure or random ingredients. i found all that i needed at my local Sprouts and just whipped up a batch. i had planned to take some with me to the book signing, but David wouldn't let me take it away! though it made quite a large batch, he didn't want to see it vanish. this is definitely going to be my go-to granola recipe. it has so many layered flavors and is such a great meal with yogurt or even to just snack on by the handfuls (which is what i've been doing ever since i made it last friday). you must try it out. 
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