Friday, July 24, 2009

Girls Night Out

I had the loveliest time last night. After a 9 hour shift at work, Meghan and I drove down to Redondo Beach Pier to meet some of our co-workers at Tony's for Aurora's farewell party. She is a very creative and talented artist who is moving to the east coast to attend Yale! Yes, Yale. Meghan and I had only planned to stay for a short time because I had to wake up early this morning and she had tentative plans, but we ended up staying for a few hours because we had so much fun. We mainly chatted with Jennifer and Lisa, mostly about Michael Jackson, Harry Potter, annoying customers and weddings, but oh boy did we have fun. And the sunset was gorgeous!

I really love my co-workers, and I'm sad to see Aurora leave us. I'm always fascinated by the things she creates for our store. And I'll never forget the beautiful engagement card she handmade for Dave and I. It was so adorable and sweet. She will most definitely be missed.
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