Friday, September 25, 2009


A few days ago David and I spent some time cleaning and organizing some things at the new place. I cleaned a bit of the kitchen and put the curtains up in our bedroom. When I finished with the curtains, I stood back and saw how things are coming together and I imagined how pretty it will look in there when we finally have our bed and dresser; but then I realized how much we have left to do, which then led me to look around and realize that I still have to buy curtains for the guest room and for the "office". I put "office" in quotations simply because David will not let me call it a sewing room, even though, to me, that's what it's going to be. It will also hold two desks for our computers, another desk for my sewing machine, my bookcase, and hopefully a (sort of) bookcase that will hold our collective record collection.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to put up the curtains for our living room because the curtain rods aren't up yet, but as soon as those are up and our couch and area rug are in their places, things will really start to feel like it's coming along. Dave is more concerned with the TV, XBOX and DirecTV, of course. Hopefully he will be moved in by this coming week, and then I can start decorating.

Since I've worked at Anthropologie, I've collected home items here and there that are all in my attic, just waiting to be opened up and placed somewhere special. I'm so excited for the time when I can just feel free to decorate once all of our furniture is in it's place. I'm afraid that time won't come soon enough and when it's here, I'll be too busy at work during the holidays and planning the wedding to even concern myself with such frivolities, but I'm thankful that I'm in this silly predicament of mine, because that's all it really is: silly.

The day when I can host a small little housewarming party with our friends will be an extremely fun day indeed.

As soon as the house is finished, I'll post before and after photos, and believe me they will be drastic.
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