Tuesday, September 29, 2009


In the past few weeks, David and I have been considering getting a puppy. We have always known that after we save up the money and finally purchase a home (a real house, not a condo) that we will end up getting a Labrador (and that won't be for at least five years), but the possibility of getting another (much smaller) dog has been weighing on us as of late.

Since the idea of getting a smaller dog soon has been floating around in our thoughts, I've researched breeds and found that the Puggle just might be the perfect little puppy for us, among a few others, but the breed is of particular interest to me, and has been growing on David as well.

Every once in a while, mostly on Sundays, we will go to the mall and look at the puppies which usually makes me really happy and unfortunately extremely hopeful. The Sunday before last, we decided to spend some time playing with one of the three Puggles that the pet store currently has. That decision was either an excellent choice or a terrible mistake because I fell in love. He has the absolute perfect temperament: quiet, calm and endearingly sweet. It doesn't hurt that he's also disgustingly adorable. Still resigned to waiting until after we have been married and gone on our honeymoon to get a lil pup, we left the store and I only felt sad because I wanted THAT puppy. I felt like he was mine already.

This past Sunday David, my future MIL (Shari) and I went to the mall to get him a belated birthday present and took Shari to the pet store to see the puppy for herself. Not only did I fall in love yet again, but so did Shari... and David.

We realized that if we put money in the honeymoon fund for this month, paid car payments and bought a puppy, we would be a little broke for a couple of weeks, but it is definitely doable. But with that realization comes the problem of making a wise decision. Is getting a puppy right now, as David is moving into our condo and we are facing the holidays and wedding planning getting increasingly overwhelming, really a good idea? No, probably not. But do we feel like this particular puppy is ours? Yes, we kind of do. We already have a list of names we like for the little guy.

So therein lies the puppy dilemma: To buy now and just deal with all the issues that may come up, but have the Puggle we want, or should we wait until after the honeymoon and for another perfect little Puggle to hopefully come along?

{all photos taken from Google search}
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