Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nothing Can Change This Love

This morning David left for his first ever business trip and has been so nervous about it all week, so last night I helped him pack, which actually translated into watching him pack, folding a few shirts and watching Seinfeld.

At one point he handed me some Dodger tickets and said, "These are the ones we went to this summer." I looked at them for a moment and when I handed them back to him he jokingly said he'd probably just throw them away and I whimpered, "Noooooo. What if we end up scrapbooking our lives together?" He replied, "You think we'll scrapbook our lives together?" and after I shrugged and said maybe he smiled so sweetly and said, "Well let me show you something."

What follows might be the most adorable thing ever, so to the ladies who read this: be warned. David opened the top drawer of the dresser that held the TV I was watching Seinfeld on and pulled out a box, handed it to me and told me to open it. He sat down on his bed and watched me as I opened it and found every single movie ticket, sports ticket, plane ticket, museum ticket, map, holiday card, hotel key, matchbox, and receipt to various restaurants that we had ever been to together. I immediately began to cry nearly the most joyous tears I ever cried in my life, rivaling the tears I cried when he asked me to be his wife.

At that moment my heart could have burst. I couldn't contain all the love, it was just too much. I am so thankful and so blessed to have found a man in this world who loves me the way and to the extent that David does. I never thought I would find such a love and I don't think I could ever find another on earth who loves me as much as he does. And I don't even want to. Nothing can change this love.

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