Thursday, October 8, 2009

'Tis the Season?

It is generally pretty dangerous for me to work for Anthropologie, although in the past few months I have gotten away with purchasing very little due to the necessity of saving money for my honeymoon. But as the Autumn months are approaching (unfortunately it doesn't feel like it thanks to this freakishly hot weather we have been experiencing), the Autumn clothes are barreling in and I can't help but find myself creating outfits in my head, checking our website and calculating my spending money which results in disappointment that no, I cannot purchase those six different coats and jackets and have enough money to survive.

Not only is Autumn my absolute favorite season, but the weather affords me the ability to wear my absolute favorite type of clothing. I love to layer, layer, layer. And the colors! Oh, the colors!!

This is the season that makes it difficult for me to save money, especially since it is usually the time of year that money must be spent on others for the holidays. So instead of spending money I do not have on the six different coats I'm continually telling myself I don't need, I'll grace my (very few) readers with photos to showcase my fashion sense... since I cannot showcase it on myself.

{Birling Ruffle Coat}

{Masterful Car Coat}

{Deep Woods Toggle Coat}

{First Frost Coat}
(also available in Coral and Navy)

{Study-In-Contrasts Coat}

{Checkered, Please Jacket}

I am hoping to purchase one of these for this Winter, though it will be a difficult decision on which one. Any thoughts?
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