Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yes, my friends, I made it through last week. Much to my delight, it went by relatively slow. I'm trying to not let the days breeze by and force myself to get things done before it's too late. I tend to procrastinate a lot and then scramble at the last minute. It's the habit I wish I could break the most, even more than cracking my knuckles and neck.
Unfortunately I've had some computer problems and it's been pretty touch and go here for a while. I'm hoping it will hold on until I can safely back up all of my music and photos and then it can be taken to the Genius Bar for some R&R. I'm trying to be patient, especially when I remember that it does us humans no good to be so dependent upon instant gratification. It is difficult, though, not having access to what you need right at your fingertips at any given moment. AHH!
Tonight I checked up on my registry lists online to update them and much to my surprise, I found that I am somehow, someway registered for a baby monitor, baby pants and a baby blanket at Target. I don't know how or why, but it's there. I called Dave to see if he scanned them as a joke, he had no clue what I was talking about. I then marched downstairs to corner Jeff (mom's bf) and let him know the jig is up! He got me good! HA HA HE HE HO HO!

But no.

He didn't do it either, although he got the biggest kick out of it (OF COURSE).

I also realized that for some reason, I can't delete these items from the registry list online. So... when any of my guests who want to purchase our wedding gift from Target see our list, they're gonna think I'm pregnant.

Oh boy. It is kinda funny though.
I am so happy to report that, at my dress fitting, the seamstress had to take my gown in by approx. 4-6 inches in the waist, BUT she has forbidden me to lose more than 5 pounds from now on. That was not in my plan for the next 8 weeks. I had planned to lose 10 more pounds. I tried to bargain with her by agreeing to 8... no deal. I don't know what I'm gonna do about this dilemma. If I lose more than she wants me to, I run the risk of making her take the dress in so much that it could potentially alter the look of the gown, and if I lost only 5 pounds, I run the risk of potentially being unhappy with my appearance on my wedding day.

Hmmmm... any thoughts?

I know this is a very stupid and silly dilemma, but wedding days are not like any other day, people. I've worked so very hard to get where I am with my weight now, I don't want it to be a waste. Someday I'll look back and think how silly and childish I was... won't I?
I saw this last night and it made me happy <3

Random Wedding Inspiration Photo

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