Friday, January 1, 2010

This Will Be Our Year

This new year's eve might have been the best I've ever had. It was suuuuper laid back, but included some of my favorite people and happened to be exactly what I needed. Thanks to Graham and Elise (and little Ollie) for letting Amara house sit and have us over for Jenga, thai tofu pizza, and drinks. It was just so relaxing and carefree. 

I'm relieved that the holidays are over and I can now focus more on the wedding planning and hopefully getting my rear into gear. I need to crack down on ridding myself of the rotten eating habits I picked up over the holiday season. I stopped running, quit doing Pilates, started eating more sweets and less veggies and an extra two pounds are the price I pay. I know what you're thinking: "Two pounds? That's nothing!", and you're right, it is nothing really but when you're trying to look good in a wedding gown, those extra two el bees are so not cute. I need to tone up my arms and get back into shape so I can start feeling not so crappy and start dealing with this stress better. 

Speaking of stress, this week is gonna be CRAZY. On the agenda, beginning tonight:

Friday: clean room (optional?), finally stop drooling over invitation proofs and put together guest list for bridal shower, sleep
Saturday: Baking with my gays in Hollywood, possible hang out sesh with David, sleep
Sunday: church, register at Macy's, sleep
Monday: mail bridal shower invitations, work, sleep
Tuesday: Doctor appointment, shop for undergarments for wedding dress, register at Target, sleep
Wednesday: work, finally shop for tuxes, sleep
Thursday: work, sleep
Friday: first wedding dress fitting, buy gym pass, sleep
Saturday: first trial hair appointment with wedding stylist, sleep

Oh, jeez. I'm exhausted already. 

On an I'm-so-excited-I-could-pee-my-pants-jump-for-joy-cry-my-eyes-out-my-mind-just-exploded note, Kitty sent me the wedding invitation proofs and I'm so close to speechless it's not even funny. I just can't really form a complete sentence on how overjoyed and ecstatic I am about how fabulous/gorgeous/classy/old-timey/elegant/stunning/sumptuous/dazzling/magnificent/opulent/breathtaking/splendid/awe-inspiring these invitations are. 

I basically word-vomited to Kitty a million times all the little things I wanted the invitation to present and represent and continually thought to myself that all my ideas were too much of a hodge podge of images, feelings, and concepts. I didn't think that they could all mix together harmoniously, but BOY was I dead wrong and HALLELUJAH for it! Every element I wanted is interwoven seamlessly and effortlessly to make up a unique little package of adorable yumminess. 

(See what I mean about the complete sentences?) 

I am just dyyyyyying to show it off, but I'm gonna dig deep for the patience I so commonly lack to abstain and be tenacious.

Well, I hope everyone had a fabulous 2009 and that their 2010 is even more grand.

David, this will be our year <3

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