Monday, September 27, 2010

(Strawberry) Jam Crumb Bars

To anyone who's known me in the last year or so knows that I have quickly become obsessed with baking. I think it all began when I was planning for the wedding and started to get excited about all of the baking gadgets and gizmos that came with setting up a kitchen in your first real, adult home.

Williams-Sonoma lures me in with it's various adorable supplies and Martha Stewart has quickly become a favorite of mine. Last year I made my first pie and since then I've made at least 10 pies for the holidays. With a little help from my mom I made 3 pies in one day for this year's 4th of July. Three pies in one day is a feat I thought I'd never accomplish the first time I made a pie (which took me LITERALLY all day long).

Well anyway I'm getting ahead of myself.

Last night I decided to make Martha Stewart's Jam Crumb Bars. I opted for strawberry because that's David's favorite, even though I was tempted by the raspberry. The recipe can be found in Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook.

I would certainly recommend these delicious bars. The recipe was easy to follow and took a surprisingly short amount of time to prepare and bake. I will definitely be making these several more times and will be experimenting with different flavor jams (even  though David says he thinks the strawberry will always be the tastiest).

crumb crust & topping mixture

I packed the crumb crust with an empty wine bottle

fresh from the oven crust

strawberry jam topping

crumb crust topping

right out of the oven

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