Sunday, September 26, 2010


Bogart on a hot day
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Today was unbearably hot. I hear tomorrow is going to be hotter. Yeesh!

On hot days my cat, Bogart, decides to just lay around and move as little as possible. I can't say I blame him since David and I sort of did the same thing and we don't have the extra layer of black fur to make it even worse. Poor Bogie.

David and I decided to skip church this morning because we were both feeling under the weather and didn't get much sleep, so instead I made him an egg and bacon sandwhich for breakfast and decided I would make some Jam Crumb Bars from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook.

In order to make them I had to stock up on more butter as well as get blanched almonds that are VERY finely ground. So I go to Trader Joe's and of course they only have blanched almonds in slivers. I'm thinking I'll have to grind them myself. Upset that I don't have a morter, I use a wine bottle to grind them in a plastic baggie.

Halfway through the process, 45 minutes later and sweating in my kitchen (it's really hot here today) I look over and what do I see? My food processor. Yeah, I just put yet another reason on my list as to why the food processor is the best tool in my kitchen.

Anyway, that basically saved me a whole lot of time and effort and I got the Bars under way.

Later on David and I went out to dinner for the first time in a month. We (well, I) decided we should avoid going out to eat at restaurants for at least a month and we actually pulled it off. Tonight we went to Vince's and had some delish spaghetti, came home, put on a movie and had some tasty Jam Crumb Bars.

I took photos of the whole process so soon I will post them so you can all see how they turned out. Another success in the kitchen, if I do say so myself (as does Dave)!

Now it's time for a cold shower, a fan at the edge of our bed on full blast and SLEEP.
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