Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful On Paper: Week Three

It's officially week three of Thankful On Paper (wow, this month is flying by!).

This week I am thankful for Jeff.

Jeff is my mom's boyfriend of 11 (or is it 12?) years. You must be thinking, "Why aren't they married by now?" and my answer is this: I have no idea, haha.

The reason I chose Jeff to be Thankful On Paper is because I rarely express to him how thankful I am for him and he deserves to be honored for all the wonderful things he has done.

When my mom first starting dating Jeff, I was a freshman in high school and we did NOT get along very well. Looking back on it it's probably more that I didn't like him because he was dating my mom and he was just the poor guy who had to deal with it.

Getting to know Jeff is quite a journey. In fact, too many people give up on getting to know him or they form negative opinion of him because they just don't get him. He can be abrasive and rough at first and that just rubs some people the wrong way. But the things that I love most about Jeff are the things that most people find difficult to deal with.

He is brutally honest, he speaks his mind (even when you don't want to hear what's on his mind), he's extremely sarcastic, he has amazing instincts and he can see right through people. He is hilarious, sometimes without even trying to be, ridiculously quick and witty. He's very intelligent and he loves the Lord. 

He also truly loves my mom, myself and my family. He and I have very similar personalities and though we rarely clash because of it, we mostly just understand each other. We even have our own little weird way of joking around and communicating. Mostly people think we're fighting or making fun of each other, but it's totally just the way we get along. 

To Jeff, I'm "The Girl". I know without a shadow of a doubt that he would do anything for me. He pretty much always takes my side or defends me in any situation. I always know that if I need (or want) something, all I have to do is ask Jeff. He has always looked out for our best interests and, although he may not show his love in conventional ways, it's clear that we mean the world to him.

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