Monday, November 1, 2010

Weddings & Halloween

This weekend was a combination of relaxation, craziness, hilarity and exhaustion. 

On Friday Dave and I (as well as some of our friends) drove to Palm Springs for the wedding of our two friends, Kyle and Jaymee. We stayed at The Viceroy, which was way adorable and really pretty, and which also held the wedding ceremony and reception on Saturday. We could literally sit on our little porch and watch the ceremony if we wanted to. We didn't, of course.

On Sunday we checked out of the hotel and, along with Phil, Greg, Joe and Carling, we drove to the outlet mall, had some lunch and did some shopping until I quite literally dropped. I was completely drained and fell asleep on the way home and woke up right as we pulled into our garage. 

We then sat in front of the TV for who knows how long and got our last minute costumes assembled to head over to Erin and Phil's for Erin's birthday party/passing out candy/telling ghost stories by the fire.

I am still SO TIRED. I actually think I might go to bed right after I publish this post.

Unfortunately there are just way too many photos to post right now (and I've been a little heavy with the picture posts as of late) so I will just leave you with these few gems for now.


No caption necessary

Dave and Greg get close

Broder and seester

Phil was really hungry

I was Daria Morgendorffer, of course.

Try to guess who everyone else is!
I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween <3
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