Friday, December 17, 2010

camera and christmas cards

Recently I bought myself a camera with the money from my bonus check (and a little from my mom and gift cards) and I've been snap happy lately. I've taken so many pictures of Bogart (my favorite subject) that when I was showing my mom what my new camera can do she said, "Wow. He's such a king."

(And when I showed my MIL at a separate time she said, "What a prince!")

But I've also taken some pretty shots of my old neighborhood (aka my mom's neighborhood). They aren't real fancy and I have yet to get myself photoshop or LR or something (if anyone can help a sister out in that dept. let me know!) to make the photos look even better, but they turned out kinda nice...

this is the tree i look forward to seeing every Christmas

and this is the park where i have spent many a day riding my bike past
or spending hours reading on its grass

I've also been hard at work on our Christmas cards and they are taking up a lot more time and effort than I anticipated to begin with, which is usually the case for everything as far as I'm concerned, but I've been cranking them out pretty fast compared to what it might normally take me (I'm a perfectionist). The little details, though still important to me, aren't such a huge deal 'cause I thought they'd be in the mail by now, but... they will be. soon. i hope.

But it's really okay because Inception, hot chocolate, The Book of Eli & cinnamon scented candles have been getting me through it. :)

Christmas is so close!!
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