Sunday, January 16, 2011

a lovely weekend

I'll just start off by saying this weekend was fabulous. Kacie and I became fast friends in our Fusion Sunday class at church and, of course, through blogging, but we never actually spent quality time together outside of church. Until yesterday. 

We both planned to just get together for the day, with no plan, but to just hang out. Both of our husbands kept asking what we were planning on doing and both of us said, "I don't know. Hang out!" 

Well as soon as she got to my house we literally spent the entire day chatting and getting to know one another, it was such a delight. We talked so much that by the time it was around 5pm we both realized we were starving and went to RA Sushi (yum).

Then later we met up with our hubs' and fellow Fusion members for a wine & cheese tasting party, which was so much fun. It's funny how by the end of the night all the guys were in the backyard by the fire and most of the girls were inside laughing and talking. Pretty typical, right?

Then after Fusion and church this morning some of us got lunch at Super Mex and had a great visit. 

I'm so happy to finally be forming mature friendships and relationships with new people and further transitioning into married life with David. I'm so thankful that the Lord is answering my prayers by bringing wonderful women in my life that I can relate to and have so many things in common with like Kacie, Lauren and Chanell (from Fusion), Alli (from the wedding) and Kris & Courtney (from VU. Who knew after knowing each other all these years that we'd come back to each other in the same or similar places of our lives? I love it!).

This really is a special and unique time in mine and David's life together and, though life throws wrenches at one or both of us, I really want to treasure this time and remember it as the beginning of something new and exciting, a time of discovery.

I was pretty busy having fun, 
so there aren't too many photos from yesterday, 
but I was able to snap a few!

{Kacie & Lauren}

{That's a lot of wine}


And now it's time for some Big Love and cross-stitching, I'm loving this pattern!

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