Monday, January 17, 2011

the end of an era

Well, almost.

Since it's beginning I have been in love with Big Love. I've followed the show since day one, I was the first person I knew of who caught onto it's brilliance and I have since turned quite a few into faithful followers, including David.

I could say OH SO MUCH about this show and it's characters, but I'll save that for when I see the very last episode of the very last season, which I'm sure won't be for a long while since I can't actually watch it while it's on the air (since "we" don't want to pay for HBO). We'll just have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

{My favorite shot of the Henrickson's}

{My favorite shot of the sister wives}

Tonight we finished watching the fourth season (we couldn't watch it on air because last year was crazy with the wedding) and though I thought it was short and a little lackluster compared to the three previous seasons, I still enjoyed every minute of it.

I am also obsessed over the new intro. At first I was a little bummed that they changed it. Who didn't love the ice skating, Beach Boys first intro?? But I can't stop watching the new intro and listening to the song, "Home" by the Engineers.

And now that we've seen the fourth season I am catching up on all of the season five teasers.

{Season One}

{Season Two}

{Season Three}

{Season Four}

{Season Five}

If you haven't seen this spectacular series, you should definitely jump on the bandwagon.
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