Thursday, February 17, 2011

Slideshow #1

I finished the last slideshow last night!
And then I made the DVD menu this morning!
And then I burned them onto discs to hand out to family!

(Can you tell I feel excited/relieved/accomplished??)


So after finishing up all of that in my down time* I still have to make the labels for the discs and covers, but that should be simple enough, right?

*I say down time because I really do feel pretty down today. I've been way more tired than usual, light headed, dizzy when I get up (I even cancelled my workout sesh with Lauren, which I was looking forward to), and to top it all off, I ran out of my heartburn medication and my chest has been ON FIRE all day long. Thankfully David saved the day and swooped in after work with some pills and I was on my way to feeling a little better.

And after some time of troubleshooting uploading to Vimeo, I've finally figured it out and can present you with slideshow number one (whether you want to see it or not).

So I give you...

Our honeymoon...

In Ireland, the greenest place on earth and my adopted home away from home.

p.s. please press play and then pause to let the video load a little before watching :)

Honeymoon: Ireland from Andrea Carpenter-Heffernan on Vimeo.
Slideshow with music of my honeymoon in Ireland with my husband, David.

Music credits:
Lisa Hannigan
The Irish Folk

I worked pretty hard on these so I really hope you enjoyed!
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