Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I heard the news today... oh, boy!

So I found out today that my brother & sister-in-law are having a baby boy!! They found out today the sex of the baby and I am so very excited. They're planning to name him Isaiah (I LOVE that name!).

Junior, my (adopted) brother called me today to tell me the news, except he was too late because my mom already spilled the beans, but I'm glad we got to chat.

LaRae, my sister-in-law, had a difficult pregnancy with Keilani, my 5-year-old niece, so we're hoping and praying that this pregnancy goes easier and smoother than the last. Keilani was also pre-mature, so we're also hoping for Isaiah to be born full term.

I'm really excited for this baby. After all that our family has been through in the last year, this wonderful news is VERY welcome. We need something to lighten the mood, haha.

{Junior, LaRae & Keilani}

{Dave, Keilani & I in New York last Christmas}

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