Thursday, May 26, 2011

the mission by noel j hadley

Yesterday a friend of mine and David's from church, Noel, published a post on his photo journal blog about a fellow friend of mine and David's and member of our church, Jeff (of Jeff and Lauren who visited us on Sunday) and his passion for his work at the Long Beach Rescue Mission.

Noel has a gift for capturing the humanness, emotion and truth of the subjects he is photographing and these photos are no exception. His gift for words is certainly not lost here either. It is a gorgeously written and documented account of life at the Long Beach Rescue Mission.

I suggest you take a read and a look at the post here. It's definitely worth your time. Also, Noel's other photographs are equally as beautiful. I especially love the ones from Yosemite. 

{Here are a few preview shots}

Noel is actually doing me a favor today by taking a few head shots of me for my play in between my adjustments at the chiropractor. So today I actually have to do my hair and makeup and pick out an outfit, which I'm hoping will lift my spirits since I woke up so down today. I just want my back pain to go away and I'm beginning to get very frustrated and impatient... but this too shall pass, right?
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