Monday, October 17, 2011

Dub Dub Weigh In

{Week Twenty Four}

-0.2 lbs
Change since week one: +1 lb
Change since 2006: -29 lbs

So I'm still back where I started at week one of this public journey, but I'm making my way (slowly) back down.

Last week I didn't weigh in because the schedule at the women's retreat kept me from going in Murrieta. I was okay with that because all weekend we were being served tons of food and I had no clue about points. I scaled my portion sizes down, but it really didn't matter. I'm just really happy that I lost something this week, even though it was only 0.2 lbs. It's better than nothing! Every little bit counts!

Wish me luck this week. I'm really tired of still being back where I started 6 months ago. I want to lose these 10 lbs I've been yo-yoing for the last year and then some! I'll just keep using exclamation points to get myself excited and motivated to keep going!!!

This is my "not too shabby" face.

To read more about why I chose to document my weight loss journey (and make my weight public, eek!) click here.
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