Tuesday, October 25, 2011

tunes tuesday - t. rex

Let's talk about my favorite band, shall we?


T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan could very well be the king of Glam Rock and in his short life he created some of the best music of the late 60's and the 70's. He and T. Rex have been and still are the influence and inspiration of so many musicians and bands since they appeared on the scene in the U.K.

T. Rex started out as Tyrannosaurus Rex, as a folk band in 1967, but soon shortened their moniker and changed their sound to include a lot more electric guitar and a lot of glitter. Bolan was heavily influenced by Roman and Greek mythology which is showcased in many of their songs. Bolan's voice is so unique and oddly beautiful that it fits perfectly with not only the sometimes very strange lyrics, but with the moody melodies. In some cases, the song Cosmic Dancer for example, the mix of classic and contemporary rock flow and intertwine together in a gorgeous idiosyncratic way that you can't help but listen to it again and again in a continuous row for long periods of time.

It's probably not a secret that classic rock is my favorite musical genre, but T. Rex was definitely one of the first bands that ever got me to adore rock and roll as much as I do today. I still never ever get tired of putting on one of their records at home or blasting them on my iPod in my car. 

Glam Rock might not be your thing, but you can't deny the genius of Marc Bolan/T. Rex. This music just makes you wanna get up and dance... or lay around and relax and contemplate the meaning of life (haha). 

I honestly could go on and on about T. Rex, I love them so much. I just can't get enough, but I'd rather you'd listen to them instead of reading all the heavy praise I could dole out.

Though all of their albums are fantastic, I'd have to say the The Slider is my favorite. It's always the first vinyl I'll pull out of the sleeve and play. To me, it's perfect.

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