Saturday, December 31, 2011


Reason #856 why I love Pinterest:

I would never have known about these artists and what they have created, therefore I would never have been inspired by these images. It's only been in the last few years that I've been interested in installations and modern art. I always hated modern art because the only art I saw by contemporaries were paintings a 6-year-old could create, which made them very unimpressive and uninspiring to me.

Until recently I was just not interested, but now I'm finding that I love modern art. I love 3-dimensional pieces and installations on a large scale. I'm sure working at Anthropologie for two years helped me appreciate the amazing things you can create out of ordinary objects.

These are a few images I've seen recently that really inspire me to create.

3-dimensional paintings by Gerry Judah

ceramics by Christina Brinkman

ceramics by Jeanne Opgenhaffen

cardboard jewelry by Lydia Hirte

recycled paper jewelry by Janna Syvanoja

paper art by Karen Margolis
{all images via Pinterest}

What has inspired you to create lately?
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