Thursday, February 9, 2012


i realize that i've been quite silent here lately. yes, i've shared my outfits, my favorite films and music, but i've been silent.
i have so much to say that saying it in little blurbs here and there seems ridiculous.
i suppose what i can say now, as my eyes are drooping and my clean sheets are calling my name is that i've been going through quite a journey lately. i'm making discoveries left and right. i'm taking chances. i'm giving honesty a bigger chance and learning to face my greatest fears head on with conviction and gumption.

to put it lightly, i've been doing a lot of soul searching.
in the past couple of weeks i've come across these two posts that have really touched my heart and made me say out loud, "AMEN SISTER."

read Rachel's open door policy and brenda's fight or flight.

these women took the words right from my lips.
thank you for the encouragement, ladies.

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