Tuesday, May 8, 2012

tunes tuesday.

i heard about Daughter a while back, i think from Kelly Ann's blog, The Flowerchild Dwelling. it was probably from one of her amazing music monday posts. anyway, i fell hard in love with this band and i'm pretty obsessed with every single song of theirs. when Kelly Ann sent me a mixed cd, Daughter was among the mix and i've been obsessively listening even more since. i think i have a bit of a girl crush on Elena Tonra who fronts the band. her voice is so ethereal and heavenly. i can't get enough. enjoy! i know you will.

p.s. this video is gorgeous


kelly ann said...

Thanks for the mention, lady! So stoked you love that mix cd. <3

Katie said...

How beautiful. Her voice is incredibly lovely

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Heavenly, just found your blog! Hello! So excited to meet you! Love this music, love it! xx Rach