Thursday, July 12, 2012


i really want to share with you all this beautiful and touching post that i read yesterday by the lovely, talented, & oh-so-kind, Kelly Ann over at The Flowerchild Dwelling. ever since i've known Kelly since coming across her amazing and inspiring blog, i have been continually blessed by her kindness, generosity, & understanding. she's always been encouraging & uplifting and has never looked down on me because i'm just a little blogger in my tiny corner of blogland, which unfortunately happens much too often in this weird subculture of ours. Kelly & i both went to the same college at around the same time, but never knew each other then. as it seems to happen a lot with my favorite blog friends, we had significant connections in the past, but never formally met until blogging brought us together. that is something i find so interesting & crazy about the blog world...

but i digress.

i can't say enough wonderful things about this lovely lady. she is a talented artist (her graphic designs blow me away with their simplicity, beauty, & elegance), she has killer taste in music (you must follow her on 8tracks & listen to her music monday series), and she's just downright precious. you know what? just follow her blog now, you won't be sorry. one of these days i'm gonna hire her to design my blog. it's just bound to happen.

please take a gander over at her post here. her message makes my heart sing.

photo by Kelly Ann (i told you she was crazy talented!)
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