Wednesday, July 11, 2012

true love will find you in the end.

wow. it has been an insanely busy couple of weeks months.

yesterday was a little too nuts for me to do a tunes tuesday post, so i'll share my mix today. i hope you enjoy it!


rehearsal for the play i am currently working on,, is in full swing and i am truly looking forward to the end result. it's quite a hilarious show and we've got some amazing actors. i love working on a small ensemble cast where we each carry the weight of the story and each character has their essential story to tell. i'm really hoping that a lot of my friends can make it to this play. this particular show means a lot to me and being able to share all of the hard work and long hours that will go (and has gone into it already) will truly mean the world to me. getting support from others in the pursuit of my passion, something so personal and dear to me, is huge, and i really hope we get a great turnout. this show deserves it.

having said that, please come! i know it's a little pricey for a ticket, but when you think about all of the hours and energy and blood, sweat and tears (literally) that we put forth into it (for very little pay or no pay at all), i think that's worth it. we need support to keep doing what we do. you can purchase tickets here AND get a discounted price if you go in a group! 

i'd really love to see you there.


this past weekend i attended stella & dot's annual convention, Hoopla, in San Francisco. it was pretty amazing, very encouraging, and totally motivating. i met some really cool people, made connections and learned a lot. i'm very happy that i decided to go. we also saw the new Fall Collection in person and i am telling you, it is INCREDIBLE. every piece is gorgeous and made with such intricate detail. stella & dot produces such high quality, on trend pieces at what i think are amazing price points for the quality you get. this company just continues to amaze me. i really love my job. it seriously doesn't even feel like a job.

check out this cute video of the fall collection



Anonymous said...

lovely compilation and i love bordie's song. such an amazing voice for such a young person. good luck with the play!


Luke said...

I love your music posts. They are emotionally inspiring!

he calls me wifey said...

leyla: agreed! she is amazing. and thank you :)

luke: thank you, sir! i'm so happy you enjoy them :-D