Monday, December 31, 2012

this year

we saw Bob Dylan and i saw Sigur Rós live
we traveled to Washington D.C. and Sedona
sold our condo in Carson 
moved in with my mom
lived out of boxes for over half the year
we finally found a home we will be moving into soon (more on that later).
started working at anthropologie again
founded a fantastic book club
read over 20 books this year alone
wrote my first ten minute play
began writing my first full length play
wrote my first two short stories
acted in a wonderful play alongside a few favorites
saw amazing performances and worked with talented people
and i took up jogging which has taught me to breathe, to look up, and to notice. it has inspired much of my writing.

i spent the entire year in a recovery program (i don't think i've mention this here) 
met amazing people
learned more about myself in the last year than in the last 29 years
forgiven and been forgiven
am learning to accept what sometimes feels unacceptable and intolerable
loved more and let myself receive more love
i've learned how to let go and how to surrender.

and i've watched David grow even more into a man
observing his patience and feeling his support in the pain and the joy of my own growth.

for both of us, i think, this year has just felt like a year for growth and change
we are reaching and climbing toward bigger things
but trying to love the little moments that sometimes get lost in between.

here's to a new year, whatever it may bring.

"It was late afternoon 
and the sun had just begun to cast golden flickers of bright light across the tops of the shop windows 
and buildings on the busy street, 
and a faintly icy breeze swirled the dust and dead leaves near his feet in a lazy tornado."

- excerpt from my short story, The Chase


Vivi said...

have a super duper 2013!



Rachel Reeves said...

What a wonderful year of growth, friend.
Glad I was a part.

Katie said...

This is beautiful. What a year of growth and change for you. All the best to you in the new year!