Sunday, November 17, 2013

this shook my bones.

i know it's been a while and i made semi-promises to be more present here, but i'm starting to work on it. life has been even more busy than ever, but i want to try to make a commitment to show up more.

i just really really wanted to share this incredibly brilliant and inspiring post from Kelly Ann that i just read. it set my heart on fire and it made my soul scream a resounding YES. it gave me chills and made my heart pound with each paragraph. Kelly Ann and i have never met in person although we are friends online and even went to the same college around the same time, and we know some of the same people, but i feel like i know her and i really adore her. she inspires me and makes me want to speak up, even if my voice shakes.

please go read this and let her know how it made your soul shout.
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