Saturday, February 1, 2014


yesterday i turned thirty. i had been quite anxious for the last couple of months leading up to the day and i think mostly it had to do with the fact that i have such mixed feelings about my twenties. the first half was really a part of my life i'd like to forget in a lot of ways. but the second half is when things changed for me a lot and i grew and matured in ways i never imagined i would. and though i know that i don't find my identity in being married and having a house and security and all of that, it sure made a huge difference that i was able to find my best friend and marry him. he helped redeem the horror of those first years in my twenties. i've changed so much in the last 5 years and i foresee a lot more change in the next decade.

having said that i think 30 is going to be way better than i had imagined. so many people have made this weekend so special and i'm so thankful for the people in my life, even the ones i don't see all that often.

on thursday, the day before my birthday, my managers and co-workers made my day super special by giving me those awesome balloons, showering me with gifts and a free lunch, and making the most delicious trifle i've ever had! i was spoiled. i just love my anthro family.

on my actual birthday i took the day off and spent it shopping with my mom. she spoiled me rotten with goodies and i had the loveliest day with her. then David gave me the most amazing birthday present. at the end of February he'll be taking me to Santa Barbara for the weekend and got tickets to a reading by David Sedaris, one of my favorite authors. AND on top of all of that he got us tickets to the premiere of Mistaken for Strangers, a documentary about our favorite contemporary band, The National, filmed by the lead singer's brother. following the premiere will be a FULL concert by the band!! i am beyond excited.

AND Dave has something planned for us tonight. i still don't know what it is, but i'm sure that no matter what i'm going to love it. this truly has been an amazing birthday weekend, and it's not even over. i'm a very lucky gal.

so far thirty is pretty fabulous.

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