Tuesday, August 5, 2014

we finally know

this week i felt the baby move around for the first time. i also heard the heartbeat for the 4th time. and most exciting of all, we finally found out whether baby H is a boy or a girl...

yesterday morning we went in for an anatomy scan ultrasound and fully expected to find out the gender. we asked the technician not to tell us in the office, but to seal the results in an envelope so that David and i could find out on our own. as it turned out our little one was being way too shy (or stubborn) and kept it's legs firmly crossed, blocking any clear view for at least 15 minutes. we had to be sent home disappointed and worried that we wouldn't be able to find out for at least another month. we had really been looking forward to this news and the suspense was killing us.

after David went to work and i spent a couple hours moping around the house i decided to take matters into my own hands. within minutes i had an appointment scheduled at a non-medical ultrasound clinic for later in the day. thankfully i had some things to do in the meantime so that i didn't go crazy with anticipation. but on my way to the clinic i stopped by 7-eleven for a cherry slurpee to get that baby moving and my nerves started to kick into high gear.

when i finally laid down on that table my heart was racing from the sugar rush and anticipation and worry. after listening and looking at the heartbeat and watching that baby move around all crazy the technician started to search for the gender. a few minutes later she sighed and told me that she couldn't see anything because the umbilical cord was in the way! another 10 minutes passed as she tried to get the baby to shift around, but then those little legs crossed again. i just laughed at the situation. what else could i do? at the suggestion of the technician i made a quick trip to the restroom and then she took another look. thankfully that did the trick. what a total relief. within hours we would know. we would know!

i left the clinic with the secret results in a sealed envelope and made my way to BabyGap. after spending way too much time choosing a boy outfit and a girl outfit, as well as a couple of gender neutral items, i made my way to the cash wrap and presented my odd request to the girl at the counter. after giving her the sealed envelope and kindly asking her to only ring me up for the gender appropriate outfit, wrapped and covered by the other two items, i turned my back and felt really silly while she did as i asked. i had expected that people probably did this often, but apparently it's not too common. go figure.

of course i quickly rushed home to meet David. we chose to get dinner at his favorite restaurant and brought the surprise with us. as soon as we ordered our meal we both took a deep breath and opened the bag...

finding out together like that is one of my favorite moments ever. i can't even describe the feeling. we are just completely over the moon.

as i'm sure you may have guessed we've chosen not to reveal the gender for a while. our parents know, and we might tell a couple other family members, but we just want this to be a secret for now. although i would love to hear what you think it is!

*by the way, BabyGap has some really cute gender neutral baby clothes like the one in the photo if you're looking for some :)
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