Wednesday, September 3, 2014

half way

things seem to be going so slow and so fast all at the same time. at just over 21 weeks along (almost 5 1/2 months) i am passed the halfway point in this pregnancy. little one is kicking and moving around like crazy these days. even David has been able to feel some kicks here and there. i've been craving breakfast foods (pancakes! waffles! french toast! syrup!! sausage! BACON!) around the clock. thankfully there really aren't any decent restaurants that serve breakfast all day, so i've only been giving in to these cravings every once in a while. i've been trying to eat whole foods at least 80 percent of the time (except for on vacation-that was a different story), and i exercise almost every single day for at least an hour at a time. i'm determined to set this kid up for healthy habits and that starts in the womb. all in all the second trimester really is all it's cracked up to be. i have actual energy, i'm not exhausted all the time, and i generally feel pretty good. so of course i am soaking it all in before it gets cray cray.

and speaking of craziness-we still have a lot of work to do around the house. our landscaping is coming along great, but it's still not finished like i hoped it would be by this time. we've lived in this house over a year now and still haven't fully moved in. there are still boxes in our garage and office. our bedroom is still kind of a mess and the nursery really served as a giant closet for me. i have too many clothes. it just boils down to that. too much of everything. i want to simplify and downsize, so that's the name of the game these days. it's busy work, but it needs to be done. especially now that we are finished with pretty much all of our traveling for the rest of the year.

last week we returned from a three week vacation/business trip. we traveled down south to Coronado, which was so relaxing and peaceful. then off to Chicago where we caught up with some awesome friends and explored the city as much as this pregnant lady could handle. then we went to Kansas for the business stuff but only stayed a few days. i didn't take as many photos as i wish i had, but traveling always leaves me with the best memories so i'm okay with it. 

in other news, i am pretty much over summer. i want it to be fall, like, right now. this heat is just stupid. i'm sure that it doesn't help that i'm pregnant and run hotter these days anyway, but seriously we need some relief. California desperately needs some rain. i need to take Guthrie for his morning walks and not feel like my skin is melting off. my house needs a break from the air conditioning (i don't like using the pregnancy card, but i certainly did to convince my husband i can't live without ac in my condition). if we have yet another indian summer this year i'll probably scream.

other than the heat i really can't complain. life is pretty sweet right now. and from what i've heard it's about to get even sweeter.
*heart eyes* *heart eyes* *heart eyes*
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