Wednesday, December 31, 2014

thirty-nine weeks

it's the last day of the year. i am 6 days away from my due date. i got over a cold about a week ago only to have caught another one yesterday and i feel pretty crummy, but it's better to be sick now than with an infant. David has basically commanded me to lay on the couch all day for the next few days to rest up and get better so i'm trying hard to listen. i don't want to be sick and exhausted when i go into labor.

the last few weeks have been such a flurry of activity and busyness with the holidays and preparing for this baby boy. i've finally checked off pretty much everything from my to do list and now we play the waiting game. i'd love for this little man to hold out for a few more days until my doctor gets back from his vacation this weekend, but when that happens i'll probably be trying every old wives' tale in the book to naturally induce labor. i can't wait to see this little guy's face and hold him in my arms.

i've been really upping my weaving game in the last few weeks. i've made 3 pieces as gifts in only a few days time, i taught a couple girlfriends the ropes and how to get started and they've already been busy making beautiful pieces themselves. i finally made that weaving for the nursery, which still needs to be hung, i'm just waiting on a custom piece a friend is making for me to hang it next to. i made a mini collection of weavings that hang in our bedroom. i'm always thinking about the next piece. i've had several people ask me if i'd make them a weaving or if i'm planning on selling or teaching. this may end up becoming a hobby turned small business. after i get in the groove of being a mama i might just start up my own online shop or something. why not??

oh! and i also made that feather mobile that hangs above the changing table next to that amazing antler study from Moorea Seal's shop.

i'd love to talk more about this year and what it taught me and brought me, but the couch and netflix is really calling my name. i hope you all had an amazing 2014 and that we all have an even better 2015. next time you hear from me i'll probably be introducing you to our son. i can't wait.


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