Friday, September 19, 2014

quiet bits of time

things have been quite busy around here lately. my mom and my nieces came over to help me clean and organize our guest room (soon to be nursery) and our office. both of these rooms have been a major mess since we moved in. the office served as a place to stash unopened boxes and the guest room was practically my closet. it was an overwhelming job that i always avoided. but since this baby is coming whether we're ready or not things really needed to get taken care of. what ended up happening was i sat down with my pregnant belly and watched as my family whipped it all up for me in just a few days. i am amazed at the progress made in such a short period of time! this kind of thing was never something i was very good at. when people say you eat an elephant one bite at a time i just can't look past the whole elephant sometimes and my anxiety sets in. thankfully that's not the case for my nieces and my mom. it was as if they got it all done with a snap of their fingers. i am SO thankful.

and since i now have a space and little bits of time to relax and create things, i started on a second practice weaving with my new loom from Maryanne Moodie and tools from Hello Chiqui. the loom kit came with this amazing yarn that i'm reserving for a special weaving that will hang in the new nursery. i'll be taking a coveted LA class in weaving taught by Maryanne come October and i am extremely excited to learn more about this art. i've always loved working with yarn and wool and i've been doing some form of needlework ever since i was a child, so this kind of thing just seems so natural for me. i'm so inspired by the pieces that i've seen lately and i'm eager to start a collection of my own. i know that once the baby is here that will have to go on the back burner for a while, but i want to get a good foundation going beforehand so that i'm even more motivated to pick it up again in any free time that i'll be able to find. 

tomorrow we are off to our good friends' wedding and are excited to celebrate those two! it should be a fantastic day full of love and merriment. 
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