Tuesday, February 17, 2015

one month!

i can't believe this baby boy is already one month old. time is flying, but also slow as molasses. the nights are long, and sometimes the days are even longer. adjusting to parenthood is pretty difficult, but also the most amazing thing i've ever experienced. i've already learned so much about myself and about David while we learn all about Wyatt. he has had a pretty bumpy road the last couple of weeks due to some gas and indigestion, as well as probably some reflux issues. i also discovered on my own that he had an upper lip tie (they should really check for those things in the hospital) and it had been negatively effecting our breastfeeding. we ended up having it revised which was really painful for the poor dude, but thank heavens for baby Tylenol. he handled it like a champ. 

i just can't believe how much he has grown. looking at the photos from his one week photo shoot makes me realize just how much he has changed. he can hold his head up on his own, he smiles all the time, he loves to be burped, he hates having his arms swaddled up and almost always finds a way to get them out, and he makes the cutest noises (especially while drifting off to sleep).

he really is just the sweetest and smartest little baby i've ever encountered. i know, i know... i'm really biased, but it's true!

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