Saturday, April 25, 2015

three months!

i can hardly believe it but this little man is already three months (on the 20th). i had to skip his two month post because he was in the hospital at the time and it was just too much to deal with (more on that later). we had some major hiccups in the first couple months of Wyatt's life, but things are pretty much as amazing as can be now. he is such a happy and easy baby it's almost a joke. i can't believe how much God blessed us with such a mellow babe. he is the coolest kid around.

some of the things that he absolutely LOVES are: music (especially Creedence), getting tickled, talking, kicking, chewing on his bibs, putting his whole fist in his mouth, kisses.

pretty much the only thing he absolutely HATES: tummy time

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